Class representing a Django application and its configuration.


Supported actions and methods:


Methods: GET, POST

Supported fields for creation:

  • link_templatestring (The template must include {uuid} parameter e.g.{uuid})
  • emailemail (Invitation link will be sent to this email. Note that user can accept invitation with different email.)
  • civil_number – string (Civil number of invited user. If civil number is not defined any user can accept invitation.)
  • project – link to /api/projects/<uuid>/
  • project_role – choice('admin', 'manager', 'support')
  • customer – link to /api/customers/<uuid>/
  • customer_role – choice('owner', 'support')


Methods: GET


Methods: POST

Accept invitation for current user.

To replace user’s email with email from invitation - add parameter ‘replace_email’ to request POST body.


Methods: POST


Methods: POST


Methods: POST