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Release NEXT

  • Raise an ElasticsearchClientError if ELASTICSEARCH configuration keys are missing or empty.
  • Allow to filter user by civil number.
  • Don’t render superuser status. Drop unused viewsets.
  • Add LDAP scheme to service settings backend_url validator.
  • Add organization cost limit.

Release 0.135.0

  • Introduce ram, vcpu, storage quotas to service project link.
  • Drop SynchronizationStates, SynchronizationStateFilter, SynchronizableMixin.
  • Add Default Price List Items action “Reinit configurations”.

Release 0.134.0

  • Drop django-permission.
  • Restructure admin menu.

Release 0.133.0

  • Remove inner HEAD requests from counter views.
  • Update start time of virtual machine if runtime state changed.
  • Drop VirtualMachineMixin.
  • Allow to define user email on invitation accept.

Release 0.132.0

  • Integrate JSONEditor widgets from django-jsoneditor for JSON fields in admin.
  • Make shared field more visible on service settings creation form.
  • Hide non-relevant fields for selected service on service settings creation form.
  • Make ability for org owners to manage other org owners configurable.
  • Allow to enable/disable backend fields and quotas editing on admin.

Release 0.131.0

  • VirtualMachine user_data is no longer validated against safe yml format.
  • Mark subresources as SPL children.

Release 0.130.0

  • Enable i18n.
  • Added “export_api_docs” management command for creating offline API Swagger descriptions.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.129.0

  • Reorganize admin dashboard. Add links to shared settings and resources.
  • Introduce SubResources concept.
  • Remove old style Resource.

Release 0.128.0

  • Allow customer to limit project services by certificates.
  • Add validation state and message to resources.
  • Forbid resource creation is service project link is created from a service that does not satisfy project requirements.

Release 0.127.1

  • Render token for the current user.

Release 0.127.0

  • Disable service setting name update via service endpoint.

Release 0.126.2

  • Fix settings fields values overlap issue on settings creation.

Release 0.126.1

  • Validate role expiration time for permission granting user.
  • Fix settings name update through service name update.

Release 0.126.0

  • Migrate to Django 1.9
  • Add minimum schedule value validator.

Now it is possible to set minimum time frame for resource schedule operations. - Drop django-gm2m dependency. - Replace django.conf.urls.patterns with list of urls. - Allow to define geolocation for service settings.

Release 0.125.0

  • Change external and internal ips to property. Force all models inherited from VirtualMachineMixin to define external

and internal ips properties. - Remove name from service, service settings name is used instead. - Introduce and connect certification model to service settings.

Release 0.124.0

  • Logging cleanup.
  • Limit admin session life time to 1h by default, made it configurable.
  • Implemented penalized background task for reducing load from polling of services in down state.

Release 0.123.0

  • Allow user to define his token lifetime.
  • On update, instance is not returned in the old state anymore.
  • Move throttling tasks from openstack plugin into structure.

Release 0.122.0

  • Add field “domain” to service settings.

Release 0.121.1

  • Make actions metadata renderer more generic so that it can be used for support offering.
  • Allow to order customer and project users by concatenated name.
  • Improve Swagger schema generator.

Release 0.121.0

  • Display customer as “organization” in /admin.
  • Allow user to grant new role and set expiration time simultaneously.

Release 0.120.0

  • Allow user to be in any role simultaneously.
  • Merge BaseResourceStateFilter with BaseResourceFilter and remove BaseResourceStateFilter.
  • Fix permission deletion by making is_active field nullable.

Release 0.119.1

  • Fix customer permission visibility issue.

Release 0.119.0

  • Fix token authentication according to DRF 3.3.
  • Replace IPAddressField serializer with DRF serializer.
  • Add get_extra_kwargs method to AugmentedSerializerMixin.
  • Migrate to DRF 3.5.3 and django_filter 0.15.3.
  • Drop DjangoMappingFilterBackend and UUIDFilter.

Release 0.118.0

  • Check if user has already accepted terms of service when he updates profile.

Release 0.117.0

  • Show user description only to staff users.

Release 0.116.0

  • Fix ProjectAdminForm.
  • Drop UpdateOnlyStableMixin and UserContextMixin.
  • Fix projects’ get_users method.
  • Add is_support field to User model.
  • Add Support role to project and customer roles.
  • Enable filtering user by customer and project UUID.

Release 0.115.0

  • Add RuntimeStateValidator
  • Fix access permissions.

Release 0.114.0

  • Drop project groups.
  • Implement permission mixin, project and customer permissions.
  • Implement ability to set role deprecation time.
  • Implement endpoint to get history of authorized personnel by period.

Release 0.113.1

  • Fix ActionsMetadata.

Release 0.113.0

  • Fix ActionsViewSet.
  • Implement ResourceViewSet.

Release 0.112.1

  • Implement ActionsViewSet and ActionsPermision.

Release 0.112.0

  • Drop MySQL and SQLite3 database backend support.
  • Remove SerializableAbstractMixin for serialization and reuse core.utils instead.

Release 0.111.0

  • Added missing resource events.
  • Fixed lookup and grouping of event groups.
  • Allow staff to filter customer by user UUID.

Release 0.110.0

  • Added agreement_date field to User model.
  • Extended resources privileges for project managers.

Release 0.109.0

  • Introduced user invitations.
  • Add “registration_method” field to user model.

Release 0.108.3

  • Introduce new abstract model Storage.

Release 0.108.2

  • Fix filtering price estimate by customer UUID.
  • Use separate queue for background tasks.
  • Fix service settings sync task.
  • Refactor PrivateCloudMixin -> PrivateCloud abstract model.
  • Allow to use custom responses with @safe_operation decorator.

Release 0.108.1

  • Don’t use urllib3 1.18 because it’s not compatible with old setuptools.

Release 0.108.0

  • Introduction of usage-based price estimatation and billing.
  • Prohibit editting of price estimates manually.
  • Preserve consumption details of resources.
  • Refactor price estimates calculation for link and unlink operations.
  • Remove “resource provisioned” signal.
  • Add admin action for recalculation of price estimates.
  • Display resource consumption details in admin.
  • Introduce base class for background tasks.

Release 0.107.1

  • Bumped django-model-utils dependency version to 2.5.2.

Release 0.107.0

  • Migrated to Django 1.8 UUIDField.

Release 0.106.0

  • Validate UUID in filters.

Release 0.105.0

  • Fix scoped service settings descendant resource unlinking.
  • Enable HTTP client debugging.

Release 0.104.1

  • Revert damage to /admin (upgrade strongly suggested).

Release 0.104.0

  • Render actions metadata for new resources.
  • Historical resource calculation is made optional.
  • Fix Sentry integration.
  • Implemented unlinking provider with all resources.
  • Expose creation time of resources in /admin.
  • Make service models quota-aware.
  • Silence failed sync actions if resources was already erred.

Release 0.103.0

  • Remove specific signals that handles user/ssh key management.
  • Implement management command to cleanup invalid price estimates.
  • Update metadata for price estimates of service, settings and project on scope deletion.
  • Allow to update push hook token.
  • Implement mixins to specify extra field metadata.

Release 0.102.5

  • Removed incorrect wrapper.

Release 0.102.4

  • Fix OpenStack client exception serialization in log_backend_action.

Release 0.102.3

  • Rename PaidResource to PayableMixin. Track PriceEstimate for PayableMixin.
  • Allow executing custom actions via templates after provision.

Release 0.102.2

  • Cache resources and services tags.
  • Allow to inject extra actions into model admin.

Release 0.102.1

  • Introduce StructureLoggableMixin for filtering permitted object UUIDs.

Release 0.102.0

  • Introduce VAT persistence and handling for customers.

Release 0.101.3

  • Speedup services and resources load time.
  • Provide view mixin for eager load.
  • Add support for subscription to event groups.
  • Fix service settings change view.
  • Fix Travis build and documentation generation for plugin.

Release 0.101.2

  • Fix documentation generation.

Release 0.101.1

  • Bugfix.

Release 0.101.0

  • Implement management command for cleaning up stale event types in hooks and system notifications.
  • Rewrite hook summary view using SummaryQuerySet.
  • Allow quotas to raise errors if their usage is over limit.
  • Fix monitoring_items serializer.
  • Verify VAT number using VIES checker and store it database.
  • Fix filtering historic resources by customer.

Release 0.100.0

  • Enable filtering shared service settings.
  • Implement service-specific statistics endpoint.
  • Rewrite service summary view using SummaryQueryset.
  • Fix TLS support for Elasticsearch connections.

Release 0.99.1

  • Bugfix.

Release 0.99.0

  • Introduced ApplicationMixin for tracking Application resources.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.98.0

  • Expose groups for event types and alert types.
  • Added group types for alerts and events.
  • Cleaned up OpenStack dependencies from core.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.97.0

  • Added expiration time to authorization tokens.
  • Fix filtering events by scope_type and time range.
  • Implemented custom provider pricing configuration.
  • Add filtering of resources by service counters by user visibility.
  • Fixed push notifications through GCM.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.96.0

  • Preserve and restore tags for OpenStack backups.
  • Support for provisioning of Zabbix-based monitoring-as-a-Service solutions.

Release 0.95.0

  • Enhance collaborators permission logic.
  • Implemented threshold-based alerts for price estimates and quotas.
  • Prevent resource provisioning if total estimated cost of resource and project is over limit.

Release 0.94.0

  • Extended events filter to support filtering by user and time frame.
  • Enable filtering resource by category (vms, apps, private_clouds).
  • Support permission, filters and metadata for OpenStack tenants.
  • Added events hook to send them as push notification messages.
  • Enable staff to define mandatory notifications.
  • Emit resource state events for all resource models.
  • Fix events filtering if resource URL is specified as scope.
  • Fix ordering for /resources endpoint.
  • Implement pull operation for OpenStack tenant.
  • Provide filtering by required tags for resources and template groups endpoints.
  • Created event type for project name update.
  • Fix OpenStack license stats endpoint.
  • Paginate results for customer users endpoint.
  • Enable OpenStack tenant autocreation for service project links.
  • Define default quotas for service project links.
  • Add possibility to filter certain fields for projects/ and customers/ endpoints.

Release 0.93.0

  • Added Resource import signal.
  • Fixed quota update bug on cascade deletion.

Release 0.92.0

  • Closed alerts are now cleaned up after a configured period (1 week by default).
  • Moved documentation from RST files to docstrings.
  • Added developer’s section about API documentation.
  • Bugfix: removed Django19 warnings.

Release 0.91.0

  • Migrated to Django 1.8.
  • Make quota usage readonly in /admin.
  • Changed assing_floating_ip signature for OpenStack instances.
  • Allow requesting specific REST fields to be rendered in a list.
  • Added OpenStack Tenant resource and related operations.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Removed state from the service project links.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.90.0

  • Introduced Executor layer for a single point of backend logic.
  • Added migration script for moving iaas VMs to openstack module.
  • Reworked price estimates to keep historical resource values and metadata.
  • Exposed available resource actions through REST.
  • Fixed quota duplication error.
  • Dropped emitting of events about structure unit changes.
  • Added tags filtering to resource views.
  • Dropped Killbill dependency for OpenStack price estimates.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.89.0

  • Extracted Jira support app to plugin.
  • Added synchronization during service settings recovery.
  • Added admin command for shared service settings SPLs and services recreation.
  • Added support for creating custom events by staff users.
  • Implement generic quota aggregation.
  • Add a management command for DRF API generation.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.88.0

  • Added additional quota types.
  • Allow deletion of resources from ERRED state - for cleanup flows.

Release 0.87.0

  • Added service setting quotas.
  • Added new style aggregator quotas.
  • Display connected projects and service of service settings.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.86.0

  • Extracted Oracle app to plugin.
  • Moved SPLs and settings synchronization tasks to separate queue.
  • Added documentation about the structure module.
  • Refactored /admin for price estimates.
  • Moved SPL synchronisation to a separate queue.
  • Added quotas for service settings.
  • Added CVS utils.
  • NB! Fixed an issue with potential cleanup of floating IPs from all OpenStack tenants.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.85.0

  • Updated documentation for resource lifecycle events.
  • Improved /admin interface, exposed installed plugins and versions.
  • Made state rendering in /projects consistent.
  • Fixed recovery command for service project links.
  • Exposed subscription to Kill Bill and offline resources from admin page.
  • Reimplemented resources summary view.
  • Moved external_ips field to VirtualMachineMixin.
  • Added model to resource viewset for permissions.
  • Added ability to expose location with coordinates to VMs and resources.
  • Added url field to /api/resources.
  • Exposed OpenStack instance resize feature.
  • Added a generic access_url field for Resource model.
  • Added filter for default price list item in admin page.
  • Refactored OpenStack Сelery tasks.
  • Removed temporarily validation of TLS.
  • Removed dev only app from test_settings.
  • Extended DefaultPriceListItem with metadata.
  • Fixed documentation typos.

Release 0.84.0

  • Port OpenStack cost-tracking to using tags.
  • Extract ldapsync application into a plugin.

Release 0.83.1

  • Fix dependencies.

Release 0.83.0

  • Added project filter to template groups.
  • Added recovery transition from ERRED to SYNCING state for services.
  • Cleanup dummy backends.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.82.0

  • Added ability to define service by settings and project on template provisioning.
  • Tags were added to template groups.
  • Exposed VM and non-VM counters in project REST view.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.81.0

  • Refactored template application adding capability to provision multiple resources in a row.

Release 0.80.0

  • Exposed error_message field for each of the SynchronizableMixin-objects.
  • Added role manipulation capability to /admin.
  • Fixed filtering of the SLA view of IaaS resources.

Release 0.79.0

  • Refactored cost tracking to make it pluggable.
  • Refactor plugin system.
  • Add events for failing and recovering Link and Service instances.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.78.0

  • Fix plugin support.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.77.0

  • Refactor documentation to support plugins.
  • Move OpenStack documentation to the plugins section.
  • Add documentation section for SugarCRM plugin.
  • Make services filtering by customer consistent.
  • Fix OpenStack instance provisioning.
  • Make admin page application names more user friendly.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.76.0

  • Bump supported versions of OpenStack libraries to Juno version.
  • Implementation of lazy SPL creation for more efficient backend resource usage.
  • Introduction of NEW and CREATION_SCHEDULED states for the SPLs.
  • Added automatic OpenStack tenant deletion on OpenStack SPL removal.
  • Fix maximum length for generated OpenStack and Zabbix names to fit into their model.
  • Allow organisation claim to be modified by the claimer before it’s confirmed.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.75.0

  • Multiple bugfixes.
  • Added invoice generation.
  • Add reporting of shared service consumption to KillBill.
  • Enhanced cost esimation module.
  • Dropped WHMCS billing, replaced with
  • New admin skin based on Fluent project.

Release 0.74.0

  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.73.0

  • Moved cost_tracking to IaaS.
  • External net is now synced on CPM synchronization.
  • Improved quotas timeline calculation.
  • Improved price estimate computation.
  • Improved WHMCS integration for instance lifecycle.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.72.0

  • Order tracking is now optional and configurable.
  • Spaces are now allowed in price list item names.
  • Improved Django admin list filtering.
  • Dash and underscore are now allowed in a flavor name.
  • Added a call to Zabbix registration on CPM sync.
  • Added filters for OpenStack services and service-project links.
  • Forced non-sudo mode on Travis.
  • Changed filter names for the consistency.
  • Added customer to filter fields list.
  • Added filters for service and service-project link.
  • Flavor name is now preserved on instance import.
  • Added backup support for order tracking.
  • Improved WHMCS integration.
  • Improved documentation.

Release 0.71.0

  • Moved to a container based Travis infrastructure.
  • Replaced with in test data set.
  • Max one license of specific type is now allowed.
  • Removed IaaS template fees.
  • Update versions of OpenStack libraries.
  • Fixed Zabbix host and security groups creation on CPM creation.

Release 0.70.0

  • UUID is now exposed for hooks.
  • Non-staff user can now create new organizations.
  • Fix project deletion.
  • Implemented endpoint for price list items.
  • Fixed stevedore dependency version.
  • Improved price estimate API.
  • Added ability to aggregate licenses by customer.
  • Fix repository configuration step in install script.
  • Added an option to list unmanaged resources.
  • Zabbix hosts are now created for PaaS tenants.
  • Added price list table endpoint.
  • Price list creation and update are now done in one transaction.
  • Added Azure service type.
  • Instance security groups are now validated on instance provisioning.
  • Added plugin settings configuration support.
  • Logging improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.69.0

  • Exact search is now used for username in permissions.
  • Added AWS EC2 endpoint with support for import of a new resource.
  • Connected services of a project are now exposed in REST API.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.68.0

  • Quotas are now changed before instance creation.
  • Exposed date_joined attribute for user.

Release 0.67.0

  • Enabled filtering service-project-link by project_uuid.
  • Enabled filtering resources and backups by project_uuid.
  • Added endpoints for price estimate calculation.

Release 0.66.0

  • Proper error handling on SSH key removing.
  • Implemented payments via Paypal.
  • Fixed SupportedServices auto-discovery.
  • Added resource quotas for projects and services.
  • Improved resource filtering.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.65.0

  • Events are now routed from generation to notification according to subscription.
  • Implemented historical data for event count.
  • Update oslo.config dependency version.
  • Implemented REST API for notifications subscription.
  • Added external network creation task.
  • Documentation improvements.

Release 0.64.0

  • Alert statistics are moved to to alers app.
  • Improve OpenStack router detection.
  • Zero usage is now returned if usage is not available.
  • Moved OpenStackSettings to ServiceSettings.
  • Extended existing router detection.
  • Remove deprecated OPENSTACK_CREDENTIALS settings.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.63.0

  • Added structure templates to mainfest.
  • Fixed service settings editing in admin.
  • Added merged resources view for all kinds of resources.
  • Zabbix query optimizations.
  • Added an option to provision JIRA projects.
  • Added an option to manage GitLab groups/projects.
  • Improved base service classes and add support of syncing users with backend.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Documentation improvements.

Release 0.62.0

  • Implemented customer annual report generation.
  • Added backup storage to invoice calculation.
  • Added usage report generation in PDF.
  • Implemented customer estimated price endpoint.
  • Fix dummy client to work with CLI executions.
  • Invoicing improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.61.0

  • Improve performance of quotas timeline statistics API.
  • Improved filters for alerts.
  • Optimized query to Zabbix database for timeline stats.
  • Fixed instance installation polling.
  • Fixed OpenStack session initialization.
  • Fixed documentation formatting.
  • Fix tests for alerts.

Release 0.60.0

  • Extended invoice generation with licensing data.
  • Added ability to cancel alert acknowledgment.
  • Added customers admin command for invoices creation.
  • Added support for calculating monthly license usage.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Test fixes.

Release 0.59.0

  • Instance type is preserved on backup/restoration.
  • Host IDs are now queried in Zabbix with a single call.
  • UUID is now exposed at service projects list.

Release 0.58.0

  • backup_source is now expoased in backup logging.
  • Refactored price list synchronization with backend.
  • Project admin and staff can now manage security groups and security group rules.
  • Fix keystone session save and recover.
  • Track keystone credentials instead of session itself.
  • Implemented CPM security groups quotas.
  • Logging improvements.
  • Documentation improvements.

Release 0.57.0

  • Issue status is now exposed over REST API.

Release 0.56.0

  • Add endpoint for marking alerts as acknowledged.
  • REST API for organization logo uploading.
  • Added billing templates.
  • Customer quotas are shown at customer endpoint.
  • ProjectGroup viewset is now respecting user view permissions on project.
  • Upgraded pysaml2 and djangosaml2 dependencies.
  • Logging improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.55.1

  • Added project_group field to project logging.

Release 0.55.0

  • Bugfixes.
  • Support billing data extraction from nova.

Release 0.54.0

  • Alert API filtering extensions.
  • Bugfixes of PaaS instance monitoring polling.

Release 0.53.0

  • Extend alert filtering API.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.52.0

  • Alert filterting and statistics bugfixes.
  • Support for application-specific Zabbix templates/checks.
  • Alert endpoint for creating alerts with push.

Release 0.51.0

  • Support for authentication token passing via query parameters.
  • Alert API: historical and statistical.
  • Support for historical quota usage/limit data via Zabbix backend.
  • Filtering and minor API modifications across multiple endpoints.

Release 0.50.0

  • New base structure for supporting of services.
  • Support for NodeConductor extensions.
  • Draft version of Oracle EM integration.
  • Hook for invoice generation based on OpenStack Ceilometer data.
  • Filtering and ordering API extensions.
  • Draft of alerting API.

Release 0.49.1

  • Bugfix of erred cloud recovery job.

Release 0.49.0

  • Draft version of billing integration with WHMCS.
  • Auto-recovery for CPMs if they pass health check.
  • Demo API for the PaaS installation state monitoring.
  • Bugfix: synchronize floating IP of OpenStack on membership synchronization.
  • Exposure of several background tasks in admin.

Release 0.48.0

  • Expose of requirements of mapped images in template list.
  • UUID of objects is exposed in multiple endpoints.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.47.0

  • Added dummy JIRA client for faster development.
  • Usability extensions of API: additional exposed fields and filterings.
  • Support for user_data for OpenStack backend.
  • Added dummy billing API.

Release 0.46.0

  • Implemented foreground quotas for customers - support for limiting basic resources.
  • Added dummy client for OpenStack backend. Allows to emulate actions of a backend for demo/development deployments.
  • Added support for displaying, filtering and searching of events stored in Elasticsearch.
  • Initial support of integration with JIRA for customer support. Bugfixes.

Release 0.45.0

  • Migration to DRF 3.1 framework for REST, more consistent API.

Release 0.44.0

  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.43.0

  • Extended IaaS template filtering.
  • Extended IaaS template with os_type and icon_name fields.
  • Renamed ‘hostname’ field to ‘name’ in Instance and Resources.

Release 0.42.0

  • Refactored OpenStack backups to use snapshots instead of full volume backups.
  • Moved OpenStack credentials to DB from configuration. Old credential format is still supported.
  • Added support for TZ in backup schedule definition.
  • Introduced throttling for background tasks.

Release 0.41.0

  • Introducing new quotas module prototype. Support for backend and frontend quotas.
  • Introducing new template module prototype. Support for multi-service templates.
  • Support for default availability zone of OpenStack deployment in configuration.
  • Support for setting CPU overcommit ratio for OpenStack versions prior to Kilo.
  • Change OpenStack tenant name generation schema. Now it uses only project UUID, name is removed.
  • More resilient start/stop operations for OpenStack.
  • Extended event log information for instance creation.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.40.0

  • Enhanced support of instance import - added ability to set template.
  • Fix sorting of instances by start_time.

Release 0.39.0

  • Added instance import helper.
  • Improved event logging.
  • Bugfixes of quota checks.

Release 0.38.0

  • Optimized resource usage monitoring. Use background tasks for collecting statistics.
  • Bugfix of listing service events.

Release 0.37.0

  • More information added to existing event logs.
  • Improved performance of querying resource statistics.
  • Bugfixes of the event logger and service list.

Release 0.36.0

  • UUIDs in emitted logs are not hyphenated.
  • Bugfixes and documentation extensions.
  • Default value for the maximal page_size was set to 200.

Release 0.35.0

  • Added basic organization validation flow.
  • Modified user filtering to take into account organization validation status.
  • Bugfixes of the event logger.

Release 0.34.0

  • Dropped backup quota. Rely on storage quota only.
  • Added event logging for actions initiated by user or staff.

Release 0.33.0

  • Improved user key propagation speed to the backend.
  • Refactored OpenStack backups to use volumes only.

Release 0.32.0

  • Staff users are now listed to staff users only.
  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.31.0

  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.30.0

  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.29.0

  • Bugfixes.

Release 0.28.0

  • Scheduled backups are now run as Celery tasks.
  • Changed quota usage to be re-calculated after each operation. It is regularly synced to assure that calculations are correct.

Release 0.27.0

  • Added volume size parameters configuration to instance creation process.
  • Added management command for creating staff user with a password from cli.
  • Increased timeouts for provisioning operations.

Release 0.26.0

  • Extended NodeConductor admin with new models/fields.
  • Increased timeouts for volume and snapshot operations.
  • Refactored key usage on provisioning - never fail fully.
  • Multiple bugfixes.

Release 0.25.0

  • Fixed usage statistic calculation to use average instead of summing.
  • Refactored backup to accept user input.
  • Refactored backup to use OpenStack volumes instead of volume backups. Drastic increase in speed.

Release 0.24.0

  • Introduce VM instance restart action.